Radio Korea - Past Sales Transactions

KREBASC Commercial Real Estate Forecast 2022

KBS Interview (2018)

 Interview discussion on: 

1. Evaluating the housing market since the great recession.
2. Driving forces behind housing market recovery.
3. A Stronger US economy is increasing the risk of rising inflation and higher interest rates, what will the real estate market do in the future?

The Korea Times Interview (2018)

Discussion on changes in the Real Estate Market over the past years. 

The Korea Times (2018)

The past and current  Korean Real Estate members keeping the Korean  Real Estate community alive

Koreatown Daily (2016)

Korean Real Estate Broker Association of Southern California (KREBASC Election for Chairman – Mark Hong) 

Korea Daily (2016)

Korean American Tax Study Forum discussion on Real Estate market, investment, and tax strategies. 

Korea Times (2016)

Korea Daily (2015)

Central Daily (2007)

Emerging Market in Koreatown Los Angeles. 

L.A.'s Seoul Takes Flight

Wave of high-rise projects set to transform Koreatown


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